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About Milo's Mews

Milo's Mews was created by four neighbors living in a subdivision with a large colony of feral cats.  Other neighbors were overwhelmed by the number of cats and so we got to work.  Three of us are certified with a rescue vet so that we can get discounted spaying and neutering as well as vaccinations on the day of spay/neuter.  Our work consists of humanely trapping and then transporting the cats to our rescue vet for spay/neuter, testing, vaccines and meds if they are ill.  We then place them into homes with wonderful foster families who work with the cats to socialize them.  After that, we adopt them out.  We have a high success rate for placement and only 3% of the cats we trap are returned to the colony (after spaying/neutering and vaccinating) because they were too difficult to socialize.

As for the name, Milo's Mews, was named after a quirky cat named Milo who lives with one of our board members and who wreaks havoc in a fun way every single day.  You can follow Milo and his rants along with the cats we take in and place, on our Instagram page.  


What Is a Feral Cat?

In short, a feral cat is a cat who has been born outdoors and has lived outside his/her entire life.  A stray cat is a cat who once lived with humans but was abandoned by those humans.  Most ferals only live outside for about 3 years before succumbing to illness, predators and/or the elements.  It is a rough life for them and while many believe the cats should remain outside, we believe that if we can rescue and rehabilitate, it provides a better life for these cats.

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Who We Are

We are four women who care about animals in general and especially for those who are helpless, starving, hurt, scared, abandoned, alone.  We work together to rescue cats living in a large colony here in Michigan and will occasionally helps others with feral cats, whether it be with advice or to assist in finding homes for other cats.  It is a labor of love and we do it out of compassion and deep concern for the well-being of these cats

Join the Cause

Be a part of the solution rather than the problem.  Here's how:

  • Spay/Neuter your pets;

  • Don't abandon your pets;

  • Consider being a foster to one of our cats;

  • Donate to an organization like ours;

  • Support your local Humane Society

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