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Welcome to Milo's Mews
Feral Cat Rescue

Please note:  We do not take in cats you are seeking to surrender. We are not a facility and rely on fosters to help us care for feral cats

A Safe Haven for Feral Cats

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In short, a feral cat is a cat who has been born outdoors and has lived outside his/her entire life.  A stray cat is a cat who once lived with humans but was abandoned by those humans.  Most ferals only live outside for about 3 years before succumbing to illness, predators and/or the elements.  It is a rough life for them and while many believe the cats should remain outside, we believe that if we can rescue and rehabilitate, it provides a better life for these cats.

TNR stands for Trap, Neuter, Return.  While we applaud those who have been doing TNR for years, and we ourselves also do this when necessary, we do not believe it is the 100% solution for the cats or for neighbors who don't want them there.  

We do believe that any colony that is brought down to zero cats will cause another insurgence of different cats.  So our philosophy is one of balance.  We socialize the ones we can and the ones we cannot, we release back to the colony, preventing an influx of more unwanted cats into the area from other places.

The cost of traps, spaying/neutering, vaccines, medications, food, litter, toys becomes extremely costly with the number of cats.  We are all volunteers and pay ourselves nothing.  Please consider donating to our very necessary cause.

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